History of Keio University

History of Keio University

Yukichi Fukuzawa establishes a school for Dutch studies

  • 1863 Converted to a school for English studies

School named "Keio Gijuku"

School moves to Mita

Keio Yochisha Elementary School established

  • 1875 Mita Enzetsu Kan lecture hall opened

History of Keio University

University faculties established (existing courses renamed the Futsubu School)
(3 departments created: Letters, Economics and Law)

  • 1892 Athletic Association founded

System of primary to university education established

  • 1899 First private university to send students abroad
  • 1901 Yukichi Fukuzawa dies
  • 1903 First "Sokei" (Waseda - Keio) Baseball Game
  • 1906 Graduate Schools established
  • 1917 Department of Medicine (now the School of Medicine) established

Hiyoshi Campus opened

  • 1939 Fujiwara Institute of Technology opened in Hiyoshi
    (becomes the Faculty of Engineering in 1944)

Keio Chutobu Junior High School established, starting the coeducational system in primary to university education

Keio Senior High School established

Keio Girls' Senior High School established

History of Keio University

Keio Shiki Senior High School established
(Keio Agricultural Senior High School, which opened in Shiki in 1948, is transferred to the general course high school)

  • 1957 Faculty of Business and Commerce established
  • 1962 Business School
    (now the Graduate School of Business Administration)established
  • 1981 Faculty of Engineering reorganized as the Faculty of Science and Technology

Keio Academy of New York established, starting overseas education
Shonan Fujisawa Campus opened

  • Faculties of Policy Management and Environment & Information Studies established

Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School established

  • 2001 Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care established
  • 2004 Law School established
  • 2005 Graduate School of Health Management established

Keio celebrates its 150th anniversary

  • Faculty of Pharmacy established following a merger with Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy
  • Graduate School of System Design and Management established
  • Graduate School of Media Design established

Keio Yokohama Elementary School established