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Admissions Outline

2017 Admissions Outline

Number admitted 1st Grade pupils 66 boys, 42 girls, total 108
Eligibility Children born between April 2, 2010 and April 1, 2011
Sale of Admission Prospectus Dates:Sept. 14 (Wed.) - Oct. 12 (Wed.)
           Mon-Fri: 09:00-11:00, 13:00-15:00
           Sat: 09:00-11:30
           * Closed on Sundays and holidays
Place:Keio Yokohama Elementary School Office
1,000 yen (please have exact charge)
* There is no access to the school for private vehicles. Please use public transport. Please do not park on public roads near the school or in stores' parking lots, as this causes inconvenience to the neighborhood.
Application dates Oct. 11 (Tue.) - 12 (Wed.), 2016
* Postal applications only.
* Applications datemarked other than the above will not be accepted. (Applications from overseas must arrive within this period.)
Admission test dates (1st Test) Nov. 10 (Thu.)
(2nd Test) Nov. 19 (Sat.) - 22 (Tue.)
* The test for each applicant will take place on one day only.
Test venue Keio Yokohama Elementary School
Announcement of test result (1st Test) Nov. 14 (Mon.)
(2nd Test) Nov. 25 (Fri.)
Admission procedure (Distribution of admission documents) Nov. 28 (Mon.) *Please bring reception slip
(Date for admission procedure) Nov. 30 (Wed.)
Tuition and fees (2016)
Admission fee


Tuition fee (yearly)


Facilities fee (yearly)


Teaching material fee (yearly)


School lunch fee (yearly)


2016 Admission Test Results

Applicants 662 boys, 566 girls, total 1,228
Successful candidates 66 boys, 42 girls, total 108

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